Community association property management online resourcesYOU WILL WONDER HOW YOU MANAGED WITHOUT US is a community association online resource.  Condo Voice has over 35 years of combined experience managing, maintaining, and restoring Florida community associations: condominiums, HOA, Time Share, Cooperatives, neighborhood associations, and other multi-family communities.  Our content, services, and resources are designed to educate and assist you in the DIY management of your community.  Condo Voice founder, President, and chef dishwasher, Ken Kmet,  pioneered and developed TELE-MANAGEMENT services, using every available technology device and resource, to be able to assist you and your community with just about every task you have to face from a distance.  Ken began 15 years ago documented in pictures, video, and field notes all of the projects we have managed.  We have posted a few of these on our Youtube channel:  condotube, and have posted many of these in the Videos section for our members.  We have hundreds more planned, as many in editing that we will be publishing over time.  And… as we manage current projects, they are being documented as well for future publishing.  Years ago, we published a newspaper for ten years: The Association Advisor, and many of those articles, as well as new ones being written now, are published here.  Ken’s blog posts are his current views on the latest community association industry news, alerts and events.  We love learning, teaching, and sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience with you as DIY member viewable content.  After you have viewed our static online content and helps, if you need assistance, you can hire our TELE-MANAGEMENT services, or one of our network experts, for just about anything and everything related to your community association. Simple or complex, for an hour or a day, whatever the need, we are here for you.  Become a member, then click here, and we will respond.  Let’s hear your Condo Voice!


Our tele-management services use every technology to enable us to assist you to manage your community from a distance in an efficient, economical, and timely manner.  We connect with you using video conference, email, text, chat, and community websites.  We use devices including mobile phone, video and still cameras, laptop, satellite imagery and services, drones, scanners, and more.  We provide services including voice and video meeting attendance, notices, minutes, elections, reports, reserve analysis, budgets, accounting, physical repair analysis and solutions, construction management, building restoration, commercial product recommendations and specifications, reserve replacements, community communications and publications, community directories, dispute resolution, security solutions, and so much more.  Tele-Management services may be new to you, but we have been helping community associations successfully for years.  We will coach you through how it is done.  If you are a small association or just never thought you could afford professional property management, now you can.  If you are a large community with professional management, we can consult with you and your manager on just about everything and anything you need help with.  The bottom line is we are here for you when you need us to help make your community better.

Lets get practical with some examples of what we do.  We answer questions by email, lend you advice over the phone, attend a board meeting via video conference using Zoom, offer guidance after reviewing your photographs of a maintenance concern, inspect a repair need using Facetime, prepare and mail/email a community document or newsletter, perform and administrative task to keep your association in compliance with the Florida Statutes, or some other specific need from the endless number of possibilities of servicing a community association.  Our Tele-Management services are economically affordable, efficient, and responsive.  We’ve been doing this for years, however, with the current crisis of the Covid-19 virus, and the mandated social distancing and protocols, these services are in great demand and providing assistance to many community associations in their time of need.   How can we help you today?


We have always been hands on managers, seeking the most practical, reasonable, economic solutions possible.  Over the past fifteen (15) years, we have documented in pictures, video, and field notes most of the projects we have managed, and many others have managed as well.  We have posted a few of these on our Youtube channel:  condotube, and have posted many of these on this website Videos.  We have hundreds more in production that we will be publishing over time.  And… as we manage current projects, they are being documented as well for future publishing.  We saved repair parts and samples of damages replaced, all documenting what to do and not to do.  We use these as props, and produce videos on our production sets, and on locations, to share with you.  Fresh original content is being added regularly. Our founder and President Ken Kmet publishes his daily blog covering current news and events that affect the community association industry, locally and world wide.  We have plans in the works for other types of content and online assistance.  As technology evolves, we will use it to enhance our ability to assist you.

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A fact you may not know is, more than half of all Florida Community Associations are self managed, or DIY.  Residents of these communities that serve as board members have literally no reliable source to turn to in time of need.  The rate of change in the community association industry has accelerated, and staying compliant with all of the new laws, codes, and requirements is difficult. More and more time is required of them, and, with an increasing liability for non compliance, it has made many rethink serving in these roles, even to the point apathy.  In smaller associations with limited budgets, and no budget for management, hiring full time management is simply out of the question. is the affordable management alternative and solution for self managed DIY community associations, and managed associations that need a one time or special project assistance.


We welcome suggestions for future content and services from our members. We invite you to join, engage, learn, and share. We want you to post questions in our forum, so that we and others can answer them.  This entire process of information exchange is building a searchable knowledge base second to none.  We’ve spent our professional management and maintenance careers wearing many hats in the community association industry. We know what you are thinking, your questions, your concerns, and have created so that, at your own pace and time, you can find what you need when you need it.  In fact, we also say, give us a try, and you will wonder how you managed without us. We are here to assist you manage your community. Come on, join today, and let’s hear your condo voice!

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