The principals of Condo Voice have a combined 40 years of experience managing, maintaining, and renovating Florida community associations. During that time, for 10 years, we published a newspaper to all Tampa Bay area communities called The Association Advisor. Now comes our website, your community association assist-to-manage online resource.


We want you to know us, and the extensive areas of expertise we will be sharing with you.  Our working knowledge of community living includes:  Management, maintenance, landscaping, accounting, websites, reserves, construction management, building restoration, painting, waterproofing, pest control, lake management, fire safety, plumbing, electrical, railings, spa and pool, lighting, tree trimming, irrigation, recycling, trash chutes, roofing, siding, gutters, drainage, security, seawalls, ground peculation, storm sewers, exterior decorative surfaces, concrete restoration, corrosion inhibitors, catholic protection, chemical penetrants, asphalt, remodeling, decks and docks,  flooring, elevators, pest control, generators, and more.


We have always been hands on managers. For many years, we have documented projects within our communities, and others, in both pictures, field notes, samples, drawings, examples, and video.  We saved parts and examples of these projects, documented what to do and not to do, to generate videos in our production set, to share with you as we continue to produce them over time.  Our mission is to edit, produce, narrate, and publish this content in articles, posts, and videos for our members. Fresh original content will be added regularly. Our founder and President Ken Kmet publishes his blog with current events and commentary.  We are monitoring present issues and trends, and squinting into what the future can hold for our industry.


Smaller associations having far less members and property to manage, have less management needs than larger associations. They have less meetings, in fact many or most simply have the one or two meetings a year that are necessary for compliance.  By proportion , they have much more need of assistance with their repairs and maintenance. At we focus on the smaller associations, so our content is geared for them, and contains much more advice on how to do or repair things, than the legal or admin side of things. Also, our consulting services focus on our experience with maintenance, repairs, and replacements, than, for example, running a meeting.

community association assist-to-manage services


We welcome suggestions for future content from our members. We invite you to join, engage, learn, and share. We’ve spent our entire careers wearing many hats in the community association industry. We know what you are thinking, your questions, your concerns, and have created creating content and resources anticipating your needs so that, at your own pace and time, you can find what you need when you need it.  In fact, we also say, give us a try, and you will wonder how you managed without us. We are here to assist you manage your community. Come on, join today, and let’s hear your condo voice!

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