Each company in our directory has agreed to abide by the rules and regulations for each condominium, homeowner association, and community association they serve, and have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of the condovoice.com service pledge.

  • Agrees to Condovoice.com Pledge/Service Contractors
  • Maintains a stable and reliable crew
  • Performs their craft in a skillful and professional manner
  • Provides adequate site supervision: one supervisor on the job site at all times
  • Keeps site clean and safe
  • Will provide a COI (certificate of insurance) prior to beginning work
  • Hauls away all trash and materials, does not use association trash collection
  • Vehicles on property have business name clearly visible
  • Will respect and comply with all contractor rules and regulations for each association
  • Will park in association designated service vehicle areas
  • Will not work and make noise during unlawful days and hours
  • Will pad elevator when transporting materials
  • Will perform exterior work or job tasks only in designated work areas
  • Will use the common rest room designated, or provide a port-o-let
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