This blog is dedicated to homeowners who self-manage their communities.  Of course this value found here also applies to all condominium associations, HOA’s, and other forms of multi-family community associations.

A blog has freedoms other forms of posts do not.  I can publish things outside the box or the lines of what would be considered professional formatting.  Such as opinions, editorials, fun facts, and perspectives that apply to real life.  How to use something for your community.  Why something applies to you as a board member or volunteer.  So here we go. is a notary online service I discovered the other day.  I had to have a document notarized in a hurry.  A quick online search engine entry, and wa-la, there it was.  Setting up the account was easy and quick.  After that, I entered what I wanted to do.  Pretty soon, a video pop up came on the screen with a live notary.  He walked me through the document upload process, identified me, notarized the document, paid the fee, and downloaded the notarized document, job done.

Getting something notarized, unless you have one in your home or office, has always been a time consumer bother.  I have to say many new online services are convenient, but not necessary.  But online notaries are a snap, and needed, and I liked the process.  You may not need it often, but good to know you can do this now, easy peazy.  If you are a board member, and need to notarize something for your community association, HOA or condo, why spend a morning chasing this, when you can now do it online.

This is not an endorsement, and I receive nothing of value from Notarize, or services like theirs. (you can see in the above paragraph, is not a link)  This is just a blog help that I think you will find you were glad you took the time to read.  I am sure there are other online notary services, choose the one you want.





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