We are your online resource for community associations, their services and professionals, and anyone that lives, works, or plays in a condo or HOA.  Community associations, board members, community volunteers, businesses, service contractors, vendors, professionals, and individuals register for free, becoming a member, allowing access to some of our website’s content and functions.  Your paid subscription allows unlimited access to view and use all our resources on the website. We are constantly adding articles, blog posts, news, links, videos, events, forum responses, and other actionable content and information. If you have a particular need, you can hire us and our Tele-Management Services to help you with whatever your current community association need is.  Sign up today.

Our free membership offers a taste, and our paid membership gives you complete access to every page, resource, document, and service. We know smaller, self managed communities simply cannot afford full time, or even part-time management services, which can cost $500 per month, or more.  We have designed an online resource we know you can afford that gives you a place to turn to for answers and support, someone to communicate with and stay with you until you have completed your task or resolved your issue.

Of course, managed communities and their property management companies can also sign up as an educational resource, sounding board, and connecting point with other community members and professionals.  We can certainly all gain from each other’s experiences.  We are building a community association knowledge base and library that has no comparison, anywhere.

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Additional users to your account can be added after the initial sign up process, including all the members and employees of your community or business, including your board of directors, committee members, on site manager, maintenance staff, and employees. You can add two (2) additional IP addresses under your account, for no additional charge.  Beyond that, contact us and we will work out a scaled charge for a larger group or an entire community or business.  Our members include: condominium associations, homeowner associations, time-share, cooperatives, planned unit developments, townhome associations, neighborhood communities, management companies, and all of the professionals, contractors, and vendors that serve and service them.


Our content is original, actionable, simple, with real life solutions we know you need. How do we know? We have worn many hats in the management and maintenance of Florida community associations for over 35 years. Everything we publish is there to help you get your job done. Our 5 year mission is to create and publish an online library of content, news, articles/posts, videos, links, forms, and every practical-valuable resource and solution anyone who lives, works, or plays in a community association could need, and access 24/7. We create posts and media content often. Current news stays active, and we archive older content in our searchable library.


In recent years, there have been so many changes in our community association industry and lifestyle, it is difficult to keep up. With many new laws and regulations, new products and services, and new technology, it is becoming more difficult for the DIY community association, and, yes, for property managers, and professionally managed associations as well to stay informed.

We know that smaller associations cannot afford full service or full time management. We fill that gap, at a scaled price we know you can afford. When you experience our value and solutions, you will wonder how you managed without us.


Join us today. Help us build our online community of communities. Membership fees to this educational resource are a valid community association expense.

With your help, not only by paying membership fees, but also by posting in our forum, contributing content, suggesting improvements, scouting industry news and events, and hiring our business directory and charter sponsor members, we can build the greatest online community association resource ever. As our community membership grows, we will have a significant voice, which can benefit us all. For example, imagine if we publish surveys with the results of how our condovoioce.com members feel about the drafts of community association related bills being considered by the Florida Legislature.

We will never be intrusive, and we will never share your email or membership information with anyone, for any reason… ever. Truthful service and building a trust with you, establishes credibility, which is what we strive for. Having been in the community association industry for as long as we have, we know how you think, we know your needs, your concerns, and maybe the answers to your questions before you ask them… finish your sentences, as it were. Ready? Now let’s get started. Register and join our membership now.

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