You may not want to watch this video. While walking a property, I saw this seabird at the community pool. It was on the beach, and a sunny day. The last thing I thought I would see was this. I didn’t want to scare the bird, so I slowly brought out my iphone and took this video, hiding so I wouldn’t disturb the bird. The bird kept dipping the rat he had found into the swimming pool. As I found out later from pest control company experts, he was wetting it so it would be easy to get down his throat. He was chomping on it with its beak to break its bones also to make it easier to swallow. He was patient, chomping, dipping, again and again. So I got impatient, and stopped recording for a moment. Just when I did he of course chose that time to finally swallow the rat, and I captured what video I could as quick as I could. But trust me, I watched him swallow the rat whole, quickly down his throat. When I asked a commercial pool service company about this, they said of course there are all kinds of insects, pests, rodents, etc. in community association swimming pools. They do it at night, and usually out of sight of humans. My comment on this whole event is, be aware, and make sure your service company is putting the right amount of chemicals in your pool to disinfect anything that needs disinfecting.

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