The Pony shovel is not one you will find in most retail hardware stores. It is a commercial landscapers tool, and you will have to do a search to find one.

But when you do, and you find what a great help it can be, you will always have one in your garage, shed, or community association maintenance room. It has a fiberglass handle, and a semi curved blade. the blade is sharpened to a razor edge, and its design is such that you can easily keep the edge sharp using a grinder or steel file. In my younger days, I tried land surveying for a short time. We brought cycles, knifes, guns, and Pony shovels with us to clear brush, make a trail, set iron rods and wood stakes. We also always kept a steel file to sharpen our blades. The weight of the steel of the Pony shovel blade is very heavy. You will get a work out using one. But it is the weight, the design, and the sharp edge that will have you breezing through the job faster than with a machine. The Pony shovel is one of my favorite tools. I hope you enjoy the video.

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