Our tele-management services have two levels.  Interactive, where we service your specific needs, using the latest technology and software to assist you in managing your community from a distance, in a cost effective manner. We use devices and technology you probably already have, in ways you probably already know. Need help now?  Need advice, want to hire us?  Complete this contact form.  The second level of  Tele-management service is when you join/scubscribe, giving you access to our online content: articles, blog posts, videos, resources, forms, documents, etc. that are designed to assist you to manage your community association.  Got a question?  Send us an email: info@condovoice.com

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Our tele-management services use every technology to enable us to assist you to manage your community from a distance in an efficient, economical, and timely manner. We connect with you using video conference, email, text, chat, and community websites. We use devices including mobile phone, video and still cameras, laptop, satellite imagery and services, drones, scanners, and more. We provide administrative services including digital meeting attendance, notices, minutes, elections, reports, reserve analysis, budgets, accounting, physical repair analysis and solutions, construction management, building restoration, commercial product recommendations and specifications, reserve replacements, community communications and publications, community directories, dispute resolution, security solutions, and so much more. Tele-Management services may be new to you, but we have been helping community associations successfully for years. We will coach you through how it is done. If you are a small association or just never thought you could afford professional property management, now you can. If you are a large community with professional management, we can consult with you and your manager on just about everything and anything you need help with. The bottom line is we are here for you when you need us to help make your community better.



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Our tele-management services are here to help you with any community association management or maintenance need.

Put our 35 years of property management and maintenance experience to work for you.

Hi folks, I am the founder and publisher of condovoice.com, Ken Kmet.
How can we help you and your community?

Community Association Manager
CA Industry Publisher/Author
General Contractor
Real Estate Sales/Inactive
Website Creation/Management
Dispute Resolution
Construction Management
Florida Landscape Green Management
Irrigation/Wells Management
Civil Engineering/Surveying
Above/Below Grade Drainage Practices
Surface Water Drainage & Management

Structural Engineering
Railing Analysis/Consulting
Building Envelope/Consulting
Construction Materials
Underpinning Management
Building Footer Stablization
Cathodic Protection
Migratory Chloride Procedures
Chloride Inhibitor Systems
Exterior Floor Surface Systems
Seawall Construction Management
Professional Management Search


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Videos, articles, blog posts, forms, documents, resources for the community association lifestyle

Ken Kmet: Community Association Expert, author, publisher, manager… publishes blog posts on trends, news, opinions on the community association industry

business directory (find a pro)

Find a pro in our condo/HOA business directory

These listings are screened and vetted, and provided for you, the community association decision maker, as a professional, service contractor, or vendor that caters to the community association client.

Each listing is licensed, insured, and has signed the condovoice.com pledge. The pledge rules are just what you would want someone you hire to agree to while attending to your community’s needs.


Member forum :  you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Connect with other community association decision makers, homeowners, professionals, service contrtactors, and other members who work, live or play in a condo or HOA

Exchange ideas, help others, help yourself

Real membership

Real membership

We care and we can help

No problem is too small, no issue too great, and whatever you are experincing, we probably have been there and dealt with the same issue (or close) over our 35 years of managing and maintaining community associations. So ask us, we love to listen. It is an honor to serve and a pleasure to assist.


DIY Resources just for you

We know our members like to DIY their communities, whether they have professional management or not. We have compiled all of the forms, documents, and web links we use (and you need), that are available… for you to download and use in our Resource section. Join today and get unlimited access.



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