We provide education, instruction, and assistance to self managed community associations. You will wonder how you MANAGED without us. Original articles, videos, galleries, forms, documents, links, and other resources. Latest industry news and events. Learn, save money, get answers, solve problems. Searchable library of content. Community events, venues, and member exclusive conferences. We are an assist-to-manage resource for DIY community associations, and those that serve them. Our content and resources are original, actionable, simple, with real life solutions we know you need. Subscription fees are a valid educational community expense. Connect in our forums with other community association residents, as well as property managers, vendors, professionals and contractors. Post questions, get answers, share solutions that work. Hire the right pro for your task. Powerful CONDO/HOA business directory of qualified, screened pros who observe condominium & HOA association rules. Condovoice.com member discounts and promotions. Posts from publisher Ken Kmet, sharing his 35 years of experience in the community association lifestyle: management, maintenance, construction, renovation, landscaping, banking, insurance, budgeting, editorials, commentary, and more.
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Condovoice.com is a community association assist-to-manage online resource.  Condo Voice has over 40 years of combined experience managing, maintaining, and restoring Florida community associations.  Our content, services, and resources are designed to educate and assist you in the DIY management of your community.  We published, for ten years, the community association newspaper The Association Advisor.  Now, condovoice.com publishes DIY dynamic content, resources, and tools to enable our condovoice.com members to help their community associations succeed.   We offer Digital Property Management Services, using every available technology device and resource, to be able to assist you and your community with just about every task you have to face, without ever having to travel and visit your property.  We are efficient, economical, affordable, only when you need us.  Finally an affordable management solution for self managed associations on limited budgets.  Changes in technology, laws, and the economy require vigilant awareness of current industry trends and demands, and it is difficult for the self managed condominium, HOA, time share, or cooperative to stay compliant with state laws and other codes.  View our videos, articles, blog posts, and news.  Post in our forum.  Download useful forms and documents.  Stay up to date, and find solutions to your community’s needs, or post one of your own so that others can prosper.  Membership is free, so join today.  We keep membership simple, with three types of members:  (1) Community Association board members and volunteers, (2) Business (professionals/Vendors/Contractors), and (3) Individuals.  And we have two types of memberships, free and paid.  What are you waiting for, join today, let’s hear your Condo Voice!  Ok sign me up, or   read more about our membership >

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Our content is original, created by us for you, the community association resident, board member, property manager, vendor and contractor.  We love learning, teaching, and sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience with you.  We are hands on managers.  For the past (15) years, we have documented in pictures, video, and field notes many of the projects we have managed.  A few are on our Youtube channel:  condotube, and check out our  Videos section.    We have hundreds more in editing and production.  Our founder and President Ken Kmet publishes his daily blog covering current news and events that affect the community association industry.  As technology evolves, we will use it to enhance our ability to assist you.  We invite content submittals from our members.  Help us build a great knowledge base for community associations and online resource.

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Connect in our member to member forum with other community association residents, as well as property managers, vendors, professionals and contractors. Post questions, get answers, share solutions that work.  The member to member forum is free to registered members.   Our Subscriber forum is monitored and moderated by our staff.  It is our priority forum, and we reply to posts frequently, try to offer substantial answers to your questions, and/or offer helps or references for additional resources to help you succeed.  One help could more than justify your subscription fee.  Please share your knowledge and experience, and raise/post good questions for others to reply to.  Help us build a knowledge base that is second to none for anyone who lives, works, or plays in or for a community association.

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Find and hire the right pro for your task. Search our powerful CONDO/HOA business directory of qualified, screened pros who observe condominium & HOA association rules.  These pros are licensed and insured for their trade or profession, or they simply will not be listed with us.  Each one has signed our condovoice.com pledge.

That pledge declares they will observe all condominium and HOA rules while on property.  They are up to date with their continuing education requirements.  They have experience working with and in community associations, and are familiar with approval processes of their board of directors.  They have current insurance, and will provide a certificate (COI) to the association or their management company prior to commencing the work.   Our members enjoy Condovoice.com member discounts and promotions.


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