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Expect US Postal mail delays for community associations due to November 3, 2020 elections, per US Post Office published alerts

A US Postal service alert has been issued to the general public, including community associations, to expect delays in the mail delivery service due to the November 3, 2020 election processing of mail.

Many community associations: condominiums, HOA, and other multi-family communities, hold their budget meetings, and annual meetings with elections this time of year.  Many mail in their ballots, proxies, and forms to the association board or management.  Any of those items not received in time to be counted for the meetings are not valid.

With the Cover 19 protocols in place, and perhaps getting even more restrictive, depending on the election results and the number of cases, holding an election, board meeting, or annual meeting of the members is becoming increasingly last minute and dicey as far as how the meeting will be held and where.

Community associations are increasingly defaulting to video conference only.  They are opting to play it safe, because the meeting notices have to go out far in advance, and in the case of the annual election, 60 days in advance.  With the changes happening so rapidly this time of year, it is difficult to predict one week in advance, much less two months.

Email is also the preferred method of delivery for proxies, ballots, and board candidacy forms/notices, AKA Intent to serve forms. It is quick, and easy, as long as you have access to a scanner. Most do, and as a last resort, you can take a picture of your form with your phone, and then email that to where it needs to go.  Forms to be returned should have it clearly stated what email address to return documents to, and the date, and time of day, by which they need to be received.  If you do not notice the time of day of the last day of receipt to be valid, some will wait until a few minutes before the meeting to send it, because they forgot.  There is a reasonable expectation of time required to process and record the email document received.  So make sure it is clearly stated the time of day on the form.  For example, if you meeting is at 7:00 PM, make sure if they are going to email their document, you allow enough hours for processing, so that the document can be printed, recorded, and physically brought to the meeting in time if you are holding a non video meeting.

Covid 19 protocols have changed a lot of how meetings are held/conducted and processed.  I imagine there will be bills presented in next year’s legislative session to document and provide for options and limits in all cases where video meetings, emails, and distance technology will be not just added on the official list, but perhaps the dominant methods to be used for community associations.  Covid 19 has thrust us into the tech magic world, and has created a need for distance cooperation and communications, and tele-management services in order for a condominium or HOA to function on safe levels for their communities and to be able to be lawfully compliant regarding board meetings, elections, and meeting of the members.

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