content is original, created by us for our members.  We don’t waste our time, and don’t want to waste yours.  So the content we create and post, whether that be articles, blog posts, videos, forum responses, email replies, or documents and forms are all designed and intended to give you the greatest amount of needed information in the most brief amount of time and space.  Our content is all targeted for those who live, work or play in a condo or HOA.

We also love to hear from our members.

You can submit an idea for content by sending us an email here.  Our paid members can submit their content for publishing consideration.  Our standards are pretty up there, so we may discuss your submittal with you, and suggest a few tweaks so that we can publish it.

You can submit some breaking industry news, new technology helps, an idea for the website, let us know about an industry event, or just make a constructive comment here.

Thanks for reading and watching our content, and we do hope to hear from you soon.

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