Ken is a fisherman at heart, and grouper cheeks have been a favorite dish of his for many years. Most people that have never fished for grouper themselves don’t know about this part of the fish, which some say is the best cut. The small pocket of meat on the cheeks of groupers is sometime missed or thrown away with the bones and head. But local seafood markets and fishermen know a technique to dig out this tender flesh and bag it. It takes a lot of cheeks to make a meal, but battered and fried, on a bun or on its own, is some of the best seafood you have ever eaten. Ken visits his local seafood market, and they demonstrate how it is done. Don’t think you can just walk in and get these. They are only available after a worker has gutted, cleaned, and skinned, the groupers as a batch. Their only in the case as long as it take someone to recognize them, and buy them up quickly.

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