Importance of Association Management Companies


Running a community effectively can be challenging. There are multiple factors in a community. The most obvious ones are the homeowners, the families, and the association board. Usually, a community association manager manages the community association’s business affairs while balancing the needs of the condominium or HOA community.


However, these responsibilities are often tough to do without professional support. Thus, when duties become overwhelming for the volunteer board of directors, many condominium associations and HOAs hire a community association management company to help them manage their community effectively.


Let’s have a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of an association management company and how they can benefit your community association.


Responsibilities of Association Management Companies.


One of the community association manager’s primary responsibilities is to ensure the homeowner’s needs are met and that the rules and regulations and procedures of the association are followed.


  1. They inspect the building’s common areas and the grounds and landscaping to identify any maintenance issues.
  2. They ensure the services of the building maintenance and landscaping are being done properly,  like lawn mowing, janitorial, collecting trash, and perhaps removing snow.
  3. They examine the common areas, including meeting rooms, pools, gyms, lawns, tennis courts, and other amenities, for any problems.
  4. They ensure the homeowners comply with the associated and applicable rules, regulations, and restrictions.
  5. They receive the bills and pay those bills regularly and promptly, with the approval of the board of directors.
  6. They collect the homeowners fees, the condominium maintenance fees, and other fees associated with the budget.  If any homeowner becomes delinquent in paying their fees, the manager collects those fees by letter, adding late fees and interest, or by lien, working with the association’s attorney.
  7. One of the most helpful things a manager does is assist the board of directors and the homeowners in running their meetings. The preparation for a meeting of the board of directors or a general membership meetings is important.  The big decisions happen at the meetings, like elections, special assessments, approving budgets, and making changes or amendments to the association’s governing documents.


Benefits of Association Management Companies.


Condo association management companies will benefit community development in many ways. However, here is a list of benefits of hiring association management companies to have a clear perspective.


  1. Your building, common areas, amenities, and/or neighborhood will be clean and well-maintained. Your input is welcome and appreciated,  but not necessary.
  2. The value of your property will likely benefit from more stability. This will be because of the consistent and uniform enforcement of the rules governing the community, and ensuring the proper upkeep and maintenance of the condominium units, townhomes, or individual homes.
  3. Your access will be assured and secure to your exclusive amenities, which may include a clubhouse, a swimming pool, gym, playground, or on-site security.
  4. You will also have opportunities to socialize with your neighbors through the events sponsored by HOA. Management will enable communications to the membership from management and/or the board of directors on a frequent basis.
  5. If property-related issues violate the rules, An HOA board will hear and mediate disputes between neighbors. For example, dogs barking, trashing yards, or arguments over a fence.
  6. Management will host and manage your community website and its content, publishing all of the current information about your community association.


The Final Thought


Having a peaceful community is always a work in progress. The HOA and condominium board should make sure they hire the right condominium and/or HOA association management company to help them manage the community effectively. After all, there are numerous benefits of hiring one. The right condominium and/or HOA management company will make a significant difference to the overall community.




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