Tips for Hiring an HOA Condo Company or Consultant


Homeowners and condominium Associations have a need for plenty of services like managing, maintaining, and restoring communities, including condos, homes, apartments, and subdivisions. However, most often, the HOA and condo board members are volunteers and are too busy to provide all the essential services. Well, this is where the HOA condo consultant in Florida comes in as a game-changer!


Hiring an association management company to consult with the specific needs or task for your community association is not as easy as it may seem. Various vital elements require a certain level of research and preparations to accomplish smoothly. Thus, if you are searching for an experienced and professional HOA/Condo management company, here are some tips you must keep in mind to ensure an effective and seamless pick.


  1. Hire the Licensed ones.


Check if your state requires association management companies to carry a license. Hiring a licensed association management company is always a good idea, even if the law does not apply to you. After all, certification matters a lot, and licensed companies have an understandable edge over unlicensed ones.  They have been educated and trained in the essentials of community living.  The established ones have lots of community association experience, just managing the property and the people.  Most often, when you hire a community association consultant, it is their experience having dealt and managed a problem already that is new, where you will realize their true value.


  1. Make sure they have good HOA Consultants.


HOA/Condo managers act as a life coach between your association and the board of directors. So, for this reason, the company you will ultimately go with must have good HOA/Condo managers. The best HOA condo consultants in Florida, are also people managers. Many times the actual thing that needs to be fixed or repaired is not of most concern to a manager.  It can be a larger task to manage the people involved, so that they can continue to be good neighbors when the crisis is over.


A good property manager will have excellent communication skills, competence, responsibility, and a clean background. Explore the list of association management companies and check whether their HOA/Condo managers are reputable to pick the right one.


  1. Review their Maintenance Management.


One of the advantages of hiring an association management company is getting help with maintenance management. After all, the primary job of the homeowners association is to maintain the common areas of the community effectively. Managing the service contractors is a tall task. A good manager is a “jack of all trades”, and master of none so to speak.  They need to know  a little about a lot of things.  They need to have had experience in a given trade so that at the very least they can know which trade or trades to call when a general problem arises.   Experience is key to knowing how to fix something, how much it traditionally costs, and how long it should take to complete.  For a property manager and a community association, managing the administration professionally is critical, but knowing how to maintain a property, and all of the possible things that can go wrong, is equally valuable.


Thus, if you want the HOA management company to take care of everything related to maintenance, you should go with one that does offer maintenance management services, or at least publish that they have a lot of experience doing so.


  1. Consider the Budget beforehand.


Pricing is the top priority for everyone. However, it would be best not to sacrifice quality for a low price. So, once you evaluate the company’s services, don’t forget to check the budget. There is affordable construction management for condominiums in Florida that you can consider. The affordable management services are the perfect solution for one-time or special project assistance.


Why is Construction Management Necessary? 


Construction management brings direction and leadership to any project. As every project needs a manager to supervise the functions of a business, construction projects require a manager to carry the vision and motivation to design repairs, communicate the project’s progress to the community association, mediate in progress construction issues, tackle roadblocks, guide the in house staff during the project, and inspire the team. Have a quick look at the following reasons why Construction Management is important.


  1. It makes managing the project effective.
  2. It minimizes the change orders.
  3. It can ensure no payments are issued until approved by the project architect or engineer.
  4. It can ensure that no payments are released without the proper partial or complete release of lien forms ae executed and on file.
  5. It ensures all involved are properly licensed and insured.
  6. It ensures the contractor’s bidding have the staff and equipment necessary.
  7. It improves efficiency, reducing delays.
  8. It ensures that your project stays within the budget.
  9. It assures quality.
  10. It avoids disputes. If disputes do arise, it can mediate them to a solution that is amenable to all parties.
  11. It can assure the community association that all product and labor warranties are valid and on file.
  12. It will assure the board of directors that proper communications are done to the members of the association on the project’s progress.
  13. It will ensure that all related documents and information regarding the construction management project are posted to the website, as approved by the board of directors.
  14. It can assure the community association that the job close out records are complete and on file.

Hiring construction management for condominiums and HOA’s in Florida with high technical expertise can benefit your project in the long run.  Many times the cost of hiring a construction management consultant will more than repay that cost with savings techniques that an experienced construction manager can bring to your table.  Change orders are a problem and can add significant cost toa project, pre funded with a certain limit of funding. A good construction manager can step in, quantify the need for the change order, and either offer alternatives, or justify the additional cost to the board of directors or property owner, who might otherwise not have the expertise or knowledge to know.


Wrapping it up!


Hiring an association management company (HOA/CONDO) consultant can be a long, daunting process, but every step is essential to your community’s success.  It can seem an endless task just to know where to look, and to find multiple candidates to choose from for your specific needs.  Don’t rush it and end up with an inappropriate company. Your association will suffer the consequences and loss. Make sure you follow the tips and select the right association management company consultant. Sometimes it is better for you to hire a community association consultant to find a full time full service management company that will best suite your community’s needs.



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