To:  ____________________________________________________________

Subject: ____________ Condominium, Unit_____

Dear ___________________________:

Welcome to _________________.


I am the property ___________  for ____________ and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the association. You’ll find my contact information in the heading of this letter.


Here’s a brief checklist of things you should have:


  1. Condo documents, showing the stamp that indicates it’s the version recorded with the County
  2. A mailbox number and key
  3. Keys to your new condo and a key for common areas (clubhouse, tennis court, elevator lobbies, common areas), as well as keys for the swimming pool.
  4. A number and location of your parking space, Car decals and Visitor passes.


Please make note of the following:

  1. (for security systems). Please let me know when you have a phone in your At that time I will enter your number and name in the entry system. I will also need a four digit pin code which will serve as your entry code. By pressing # and your four digit code the entry door will buzz open. When your condo phone is installed visitors will be able to call you from the entrance. Just press “9” on your phone to allow entry to the elevator lobby.
  2. Security codes should not be given to movers, contractors, or any non-family This compromises the security of others.
  3. Boxes should be flattened and carried to the dumpster. Boxes clog the trash chutes immediately.
  4. Trash should be double bagged and never thrown down the trash chutes loose. Loose garbage will cause foul odors and everyone
  5. We are all responsible for our building and our guests, common courtesy, common sense reigns. For example:

If you use a pool umbrella, please secure it before you leave.

If your bathing suit leaves a puddle in the elevator, someone could slip and fall. Don’t throw anything from your balconies.

  1. Our community bulletin boards in the lobbies are an important source of New information is

posted regularly.


Some other important highlights of the covenants (and some other common sense issues) that you should be aware of today are:


  1. Florida Law prohibits glass of any kind in the pool area – we abide by and help to enforce Florida Law!
  2. We prefer you not to change the locks to your unit. But if you do, please make certain the association has the new key. The keys you provide to the association are normally used in case of emergency, and with your knowledge when
  3. When you leave your unit for more than a few days, please turn off your Main Water Valve. Run some water in the kitchen to make sure it’s If you aren’t certain where the valve is, ask a Board member or myself.
  4. ____________________ has a web site _______________.com. To access it, type in the URL, and create an account, by following the prompts. Your account will be activated within 48 hours by management.  You will receive an email notification that is it active.  Then you can have full access to all areas of the website.  There’s considerable information there. The association has made a great effort to post documents, forms, etc. so that the documents you might need from time to time are there, and you will not have the need to contact management or a board member for these everyday things.
  5. Units may be rented for a minimum of six ______________ and is strictly enforced. An application form must be submitted before the rental along with a copy of the rental lease. Guest forms are also required. Forms available on the website.
  6. Approval for any additions, alterations or improvements—whether for your unit or the common areas or your limited common areas (e.g., your balconies) must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors. Limited common elements are balconies, cabanas, garages, elevator lobbies, and improvements include painting, installing fans on the balcony (they must be white), adding cabinets to a cabana, garage,
  7. Park only in your assigned parking spaces. Spaces without numbers are for guests and visitors, and those are so marked. If you have visitors, please provide them with a guest pass. We do (occasionally) tow illegally parked   Trailers, boats, campers, etc. may not be parked on the property at any time.
  8. Owners are permitted to have ___ pets (no more than ____ pounds each at maturity), and of course, pet waste must be picked up and disposed of Visitors and guests are NOT permitted to bring their pets.
  9. It is the responsibility of the owner to know the content of the condominium documents and to assure that their friends and renters also abide by them. Please, if you have any questions, contact management or any of the Board
  10. Some helpful phone numbers are found on the website for utilities, and areas of local interest.
  11. Don’t hesitate to call a board member if a problem should Everyone is always willing to assist.




President:           ________________ Vice President:           ________________

Secretary:          ________________ Treasurer:      ________________

Director:            ________________


We’re glad you’re going to be a part of our community. We believe it doesn’t get any better than our community, and we look forward to meeting you!


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